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Glotter Kids Mini

We are introducing new Glotter Kits - Minis! Each kit costs only $16.90. Check out our selection. While stocks last.

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We are different,
yet the same

Discover how we can avoid forming untrue ideas of others and instead, appreciate each other’s differences and celebrate diversity!

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Mind your plastics

Find out why so many people use plastic, and learn about the impact they have on our world.

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Art is heart

Learn how an artist expresses his or her feelings and thoughts through a work of art, and how you can do the same!

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Once upon a tale

Explore the story behind a story! Learn about the art of story-telling and the reasons why people tell stories.

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Let's trade

An early introduction to the basics of  economics, explore the origins of trade and money, and how it has shaped the way we live.

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Our warming planet

Understand what weather and climate are, and why our earth’s climate is changing. Discover what that means for all of us and find out what we can do about it.

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Fake or not

Learn about digital literacy and how to distinguish real news from fake ones.

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Food for thought

Learn about food insecurity and why some people do not have access to food.

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