About us

Glotter Kids is an educational company that aims to make world issues and the humanities accessible to children, through topical content and craft activities in the form of 'Glotter Kits' (magazine + craft), to encourage them to be critical and creative learners. We are passionate about encouraging children to learn about the world around them through a multidisciplinary lens.

The name "Glotter Kids" was coined in 2021, after noticing more and more otters in Singapore and how their antics started making the headlines. Deciding we'd celebrate their curious nature, we gave the name Glotter, the globe-trotting otter, to our main character, who will take kids on an adventure to discover the world around them!

  • Maybel

    I have been an educator for almost a decade and I believe that nurturing the hearts of children is just as important as developing their minds. Prior to becoming an educator, my interests in journalism and foreign affairs have also taken me into these fields of work - as a reporter and also as a junior diplomat. However, no work is as important (or demanding) as that of parenting! Nonetheless, I am grateful to my two children for inspiring me to look at the world through their eyes and make the world a better place in small ways. It is my hope that Glotter Kids will enable children everywhere to develop a global outlook, and encourage empathy in them!

    I hold a Masters of Arts in International Politics and East Asia, from the University of Warwick.

  • Spela

    I have lived in Singapore for more than five years and cannot imagine my mornings without half-boiled eggs and kopi C siew dai anymore. Proficient at queuing, intermediate in Singlish, and trained in sociology and philosophy, I am passionate about society and culture. I have taught and worked as a researcher at several universities where I have often observed students struggling with making sense of the world around them or connecting issues to the wider context. Through Glotter Kids, I hope to emphasise the importance of introducing the humanities and social sciences to children at an early age. I believe that this can equip them with an important skill set not only for academic purposes but also for living a richer life. I hold a PhD in Social and Political Thought, from the University of Sussex.